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John in Hualien, Taiwan

As an artist I am a collector of ideas and also one who responds
to what is often viewed as trivia and the ephemera in the
world in which I pursue my research and creative work.
The push and pull between my intellectual understandings
and more visceral responses to physical and electronic
experiences are, taken altogether, the engines for my artwork.

As such, the subjects of my artwork vary quite widely.
My current interests are: Asian popular culture, data mining,
visual cognition, non-realistic computer graphics,
topology, and scientific visualization.

My art-making processes most often involve various modes of
digital studio practice that is seamlessly blended into or
combined with traditional media.  In making artwork I often
begin with scans of my drawings or with found objects --
either electronic or physical. After that the processes
evolve as needed to take works where they seem to need to go.

In the end, clearly focused experimentation with imagery and
technical processes is a constant factor in my work.
A continuous and rapid evolution of artistic foci and
technical means has been the status quo for the last decade.

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