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Margie in Tien

Margie Labadie’s work represents a confluence of
artistic perspective, life experience, traditional arttechniques and digital technologies. Her art is the result of
exploration and discovery that results in personal,
expressive works. Much of the imagery focuses on the
historical and linguistic relationships between birds and
humans and revolves around idealized and sensuous
imagery used subversively in advertising.

Drawing on her experiences living in both
Eastern and Western cultures, visual representations
have expanded to include metaphoric and
mythical birds of Asian and American culture.
Her art work incorporates medical data from a
year’s recovery from vocal fold surgery. 

Trained as a traditional printmaker, Margie’s
studio tools include a computer. In the last decade her art
work has become a seamless combination of traditional and
digital methods that are filled with the colors and forms of
collected images and objects, original drawings and
photographs. The final works, sometimes printed and
sometimes projected, are made with new and wonderful technologies. They are highly structured, deliberately built,
and meticulously finished. The collage form she uses is
meant to create meaningful moments for viewers.

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