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Margie & John Labadie at Chung Yuan Christian University in Chung Li Taiwan

The Labadies’ artwork, both separately and together, is regularly
exhibited nationally and internationally.
Seen together, their work offers the viewer a
visual gathering, a continuous flowing, a harmonious meeting of
shared life experiences and understandings.

The artistic philosophy behind the Labadie's work represents a confluence
of artistic perspectives, life experiences, traditional art making techniques,
and digital tools and technologies.
The Labadies believe that
contemporary computer technologies provide artists the most
versatile fine art tools in history. Their art practice is evidence of this belief.

Currently the Labadies both teach in the Art Department at the
University of North Carolina at Pembroke. 
During the past several
years they have taught in Taiwan (R.O.C) at National Chengchi
University, and the Taipei National University of the Arts; in India at the National
Institute of Design in Ahmedabad, the Academy of Electronic Arts in
New Delhi, and Banasthali Vidyapith University in Jaipur; and in the People’s Republic of China at the Beijing Film Academy, and
Nanjing Normal University.

John in the Ta
Dr. John Antoine Labadie was the first artist to be
granted a prestigious Fulbright Scholarship in
“digital art” to the technology driven country of Taiwan.
His personal, expressive works are developed
through a variety of digital tools, including freeware,
and evolved traditional painting techniques he calls
“painting with pixels.” John’s current artistic interests are
expressive visualizations derived from data mining in the
fields of medicine, biology, physics and mathematics.
His original studio training is in sculpture and
painting, with additional long-term professional
involvements in scientific illustration and photography.
Margie in the Taroko Gorge, Taiwan

Margie Labadie, MFA, presents workshops and lectures on
digital techniques and fine art. She was a Fubon
International Communication Scholar while teaching in
Taiwan.  Her personal, expressive works represent a
seamless flow of digital techniques, photography, and
traditional printmaking. Much of her imagery focuses on the
historical relationships between birds and humans.
More recently her art work has evolved to include
imagery from recent medical procedures including
throat surgery and voice therapy.